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Train and make the training applied. Make people benefit directly from what you teach. That is the philosophy behind the FIGEBAVPER project (Fighting Gender-Based Violence and Pandemics Through Economic Resilience), a project by the Association of Mentors for Business and Entrepreneurship (AMEBE), designed to uplift and empower victims of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) by bolstering their economic resilience funded by the United States Embassy in Burundi. 

Last week, AMEBE continued the series of community empowerment and leadership training activities. The AMEBE staff also took this opportunity to concurrently determine the progress of the Income Generative Activities (IGAs) created by beneficiaries. As commonly known, poverty comes with malnutrition. The latter is a threat to development as it endangers the health of the human capital (workforce), consequently hampering productivity in all sectors of a nation’s life. AMEBE cannot turn a blind eye to this benign threat. After meeting with various community members, AMEBE staff helped to distribute both irrigation and sowing materials to facilitate the work being done by beneficiaries and help them increase their productivity. 


Farmers in the Field


Rice, pepper, white onions, leek, eggplant, and amaranth seedlings were distributed in the communes of Cankuzo, Cendajuru, and Kigamba of Cankuzo Province. The local administrators and beneficiaries all greatly praised the AMEBE initiative for its material and moral support. They claimed that with this initiative, future productivity will be greatly increased, which will help create direct pathways to financial independence and support beneficiaries in the fight against GBV while creating a strong workforce that the country and the region need now and in the future.


Smiling Group


AMEBE plans to continue the trainings on different kinds of income generative activities such as weaving, embroidery, sewing clothes (textile techniques), business-oriented farming and food processing, and food value chains, just to name a few.


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